Children study in bright, airy and cheerful classrooms. Furniture has been specifically designed for different age groups. Each classroom has been technically designed for echo cancellation. The arrangement has been done in such a way that the teacher can interact with every child individually. The Nursery and Kindergarten sections have been provided with toy chairs, wall paintings, mattresses to add to the 'play and learn' system.

Learning Resource Center (Library)

Parwat Public Secondary School has a well established 'Central Library' for students of all age groups. Self-study forms the backbone of the educational curriculum at Parwat Public Secondary School, and therefore the Learning Resource Center becomes a focal point in the Heritage scheme of things. It has been equipped with a huge range of books. Various authors on each and every topic covering their syllabus is available, to make learning a rewarding and enriching experience.


Laboratories for teaching Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the best in teaching aids.

The "heart" of the learning process, as it were, the Labs are designed to make the child an independent learner, who learns to "uplink" with knowledge. The State-of-the art equipment coupled with expert instructors and one machine for each child ensure that the child is ready to take on the demands of a world with rapidly expanding knowledge frontiers.


Safe and comfortable transportation is provided by the School. The transport service is available to all the students of Haldwani and Kaladhungi. When children and educators travel together, it automatically results in bonding, and children know that they are looked after right up to the time they reach home. Each vehicle has a fire prevention equipment, first aid and an attendant.


We have a well-equipped Infirmary in the School which is always open during the school hours. Also a vehicle is kept ready in case of emergency. First-aid boxes are available with the school nurse. The School also has arrangements with the nearest Hospital.

The Doctor prescribed by the School conducts a health check once a year. The children go through a dental, eye and ENT check-up. They are also examined by a Pediatrician. Records of the medical examination of each child are maintained by the school.

Also periodic sessions are conducted by experts to educate the students about various diseases, their prevention and first aid programme.