Aims Objective

Our aims and objectives

To promote the highest standards in all respects of the curriculum by ensuring that all pupils develop their potential.
To encourage learning by providing a welcoming, friendly and supportive environment, in which human values are central to the ethos of the school and its teaching
To show the concern and care, through a strong sense of human values of the school community.
To support all staff by providing opportunities for their professional development.
To establish a very happy, secure, well-ordered and stimulating environment of staff and children to work within.
To promote respect of others and their property To promote good working habits, and encourage an enquiring mind and self-discipline.
To encourage children to take pride in what they do.
To offer the children a broad and stimulating curriculum so that each child will, to the best of his ability:
Learn to use language effectively and inculcate a love of books/literature.
inculcate a knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and operations.
Learn to investigate the environment in a scientific way and take an interest in conservation of the environment.
To give support and encouragement when difficulties arise
To recognize the role of parents as partners in the learning process.
To encourage a positive relationship between home, school and community.
To promote international dimensions in the school, that there be equal access and opportunity for all pupils.