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Check up this diary at your home when the child comes back and read the instructions given by his her class teacher.
Help the child in his her home task
Check up daily the articles of your child when he comes back home if anything is missing then inform school the very next day, and if he steals anything of student, return it to school the very next day.
If the student is ill, then inform the school or send application.
Do not enter is any class when you visit to school to disturbance, Go straight in the office and see the head the institution
Send your child to school in time.
Send your child in well cleaned and well dressed uniform
Don't send him in dirty condition or in case of illness
You are requested not to talk any of the teachers during their study periods only see the head of the institution in office, when you visit school.
Remember to pay your ward's dues regularly before 150 and of each calendar month
Ifa student creates an undiscriminating atmosphere in the school, then his her name will be immediately struck from the school
parent change their address & phone no kindly, inform school in writing