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Welcome to The Parwat Public Secondary School

Parwat Public Secondary School is situated in the outskirt of GATE WAY OF KUMAON CITY, HALDWANI (UTTARAKHAND) amidst rich greenery and serene atmosphere, away from the maddening rush, hustle bustle of the city.

The school was established in 2004 by the Parwat Public School Society, providing an atmosphere that carefully nurtures Indian culture and tradition. The school envisages the growth of every student into an intelligent responsible and productive global citizen.

"जो स्वप्न सजे व्याकुल नयनों में,
देना है उनके आकार ।
स्नेह , विश्वास मर्यादा के संग हो ।
सींचित अनुपम संस्कार ।
रह न जाये बिना टटोले ,
उत्तम प्रतिभा और विचार ।
श्रेष्ठ मार्गदर्शन के संग से,
लक्ष्य और ख्याति मिले अपार

"Every Child Is Uniquel! "

"Every Child Is Creative! "

"Every Child Inquisitive! "

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